990 kg2280 x 995 x 1500 mm4,8 m2,3 m

MPK10 is the electric minipicker whose main column can rotate 9° on each side. MPK10 can be equipped with a manipulator with suction caps or in hook mode.

Standard Equipment

All basic equipment of mini cranes Jekko, From applications to accessories placed on all machines

Battery Charger

Battery charger 50-60Hz, 220V-30A

Main column electric rotation

Electric rotation of column of +/-9°

Manual steering tiller

Lateral outriggers

Wired remote control

Battery Pack

N°4 traction batteries (12V)-48V-155Ah

Removable modular counterweight

Vacuum System

2 off-road tyres

2 frontal foamed punctureproof tyres

Pick & Carry (P&C)

The machine can move on its tracks while the load is lifted up.


All mini cranes Jekko can be customized depending on the industry for which they should be used.


Low marking white tires

Radio Control Display (RCD)

Display on the radio remote control showing the machinery load information.

Runner Jib

Hook jib

Manipulator with glass pads

Glass manipulator 900 kg

Personalized Colour

Customized paint colour, choice of engine housing/boom or complete crane.

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